About Me

Hi, my name is Luke, welcome to my website!AboutMePicround

This page is just to give you a little insight into who I am and what I’m doing here, enjoy!

I have lived in Northern Ireland all of my life, and love its diverse and charming landscape, but I also enjoy travelling and capturing all of the beauty this world has to offer.

While I am extremely passionate about photography, especially capturing the natural beauty around Northern Ireland, it is currently just a hobby. I am a student at Queen’s University Belfast, studying Physics. I feel the mixture of Physics and Photography suits my personality well, and I enjoy both the technical and creative side of capturing photographs.

I relish getting out into nature and observing its majesty, so where else better to do this than in Ireland? The opportunities are endless with our diverse landscapes and ever changing weather!

I enjoy landscape photography as it offers me time to fully take in my surroundings, while at times it gets the adrenaline pumping as I chase that perfect moment in time when the light is just right. No landscape is ever the same twice and it is in this knowledge that I can return to the same spots over and over again to tell the story in a slightly different way.

The aim of this site is simply to get my photographs out there for people to see. It’s early days yet, so as time goes on I hope to add more images I have taken and others that have yet to be captured.

I hope you enjoying viewing my photographs and follow me as the collection grows!